6 Cool Ideas You Can Steal From Portland SEO

Portland SEO can be confusing to individuals who do not know much about it.

With all due respect, tinkering with SEO is best left to a reputed SEO company Portland (https://movingmountains.io). However, anyone serious enough to get a business going online, or wishing to attract more sales, getting a blog out about their product or service, or interested in learning more about the art of search engine optimization, would themselves a favor making use of the following 6 cool ideas that we managed to salvage from a trusted SEO company.

1. Why Keywords Still Counts

While no one advocates keyword stuffing in any way, it still helps us to achieve top rankings on the search engines. An example of this is if you own a site about running. Most of your keywords would focus around this topic with a host of keyword variations.

When you write an article ensure you concentrate on using only a few keywords and add them in naturally.

Guard against repeating the same keyword too often as it will damage your reputation as a quality content provider. The same can be said about a shortage of keywords. Do not just place your focus keyword in the meta tags and title of your article, but have a certain proportion set correctly. Your main keyword should be used in headers, hyperlinks and the first passage of your text.

2. Pay Attention to the User and Not Search Engines

One mistake many of us make concerning Portland SEO is to focus too much of our attention on what the search engines want to rank well, but we neglect the people who will be viewing what we present. Great search engine optimization starts with a favorable user experience.

Besides, Google is changing their algorithm to pay more attention to users. If you can focus more on your users, then your search rank will improve with every update. If you don’t, you will soon find your rankings dropping.


Keep the user in mind when you create content as it should read well, add value to their lives and be presented on a user-friendly website.

3. Link building 101

There is no getting away from it. Link building will always remain a crucial part of search engine optimization. Be aware of the fact that it is not just a case of getting your links listed on other sites, but it also includes your website. Your site should be linking to other pages of your site as it lets the Google bots know the content is relevant. The best way to accomplish it is to relate current information to an article that you have written previously.

An excellent example of this is when you run a fitness blog, and you already touched on the Paleo way of eating while you are busy writing about exercise. You may want to tie in some important info about dieting that relates to the exercise article, which will make it appear more natural and also search engine friendly.

Trying to place yourself in a competitive niche will require top quality backlinks to your site. Preferably in the region of a PR 6 or 7 if you can manage that. Other webmasters would be more willing to link to your site as it will demonstrate your reliability as a business owner.

However, it can take time to get it right. In the meanwhile, you should ask for links. The more, the better. Do not ignore this important task as it will serve you well in years to come. Even better, get in touch with an SEO agency Portland such as Moving Mountains Advisors.

You may think your site is the best since sliced cheese. Have you thought about it that your site could also be the reason you’re not doing well in spite of it looking fabulous? Your content may start way down the page, which makes it difficult for search engines to gain a perception of what you are all about.

Maybe your images are oversized and lead to pages loading too slowly, or you have too much white space. With the assistance of a local SEO company Portland, you can modify your pages and get them perfect.

5 Why Should You Care About Sitemaps?

If you want to obtain top rankings, then you must make it easier for search bots to identify your website correctly when it is busy crawling your site. Including a sitemap will point to all the internal pages. Alternatively, you could create a map-reading menu that has textual content links as these are a lot easier to recognize.

6 Keep Yourself Updated on What is Going on with Current Search Engine Rankings

On a daily basis, search engines modify their algorithms. Subscribe to a reputable source who regularly post details on the latest SEM rules and regulations.

By following the above tips and applying what you learn, you will have a better chance of reaching the top of search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google.