What Other Reasons Beside Rogue River Rafting Are There to Visit the Great Rogue

Rogue River rafting Oregon at orangetorpedo.com might be in your blood. But, were you aware that the Rogue offers ten major reasons why you should head right over and make the most of your next vacation this coming summer.

Without a doubt, your primary reason for going there in the first place is to join the like of expert outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips. These guys are after all the professionals in everything to do with white water rafting. They have the gear, the know-how, the right environment, and are more than ready to entertain like no man’s business regarding everything to do with paddling, kayaking, SUP, and rafting the great Rogue River.

Now that we got your all excited about the prospect of visiting the Rogue, you may be keen to hear for what reason you should pack your luggage, make your plans, and head right over this coming Summer season.

Without any further ado, let’s dive right in:

Reason 1 – You get to beat the heat. Once it hits 90 degrees in Boise, one automatically think off migrating to the lush and shady areas of Rogue, the forests, where wildflowers are in bloom, and you can be sure it will be 15 degrees cooler.

Reason 2 – Nothing beats sitting in a brand new tour boat on board the Payette, enjoying a cruise on the lake. The journey entails the use of a 65-foot boat, aptly named the “Idaho”. What is more, you can look forward to a Sunday brunch tour, private dinner and so much more than meets the eye. After all, not all of us have their own sailboat or powerboat to cruise around the Lake

Reason 3 – The chance to engage in a 12-miles long cross-country course known as The Wild Rockies series. Trail running enthusiasts would love the opportunity to be part of this great adventure as the riding out here get better and better with freeride trails and XC trails.

Reason 4 – Mountain Biking the Rogue with amazing single tracks on the Jug Mountain Ranch that features the latest routes as well as a map of the Bear Basin Trails, which forms a part of the new meadow loop at the fantastic Tamarack Resort.

Reason 5 – The forests within the Rogue vicinity presents everyone with ample opportunity to hunt for tasty morel mushrooms. At least be sure you studied all the ins and outs of knowing how to identify morels.

Reason 6 – Probably the biggest reason why you care to visit the Rogue area in the first place is that the snow is melting and every rafting agency is gearing up for the best time ever on board the grandiose Rogue River. Aside from rafting, there are numerous opportunities for hiking places like the Bear Basin Trails and Huckleberry Trail, not to mention the North Valley Rail Trail.

Reason 7 – Enjoying a sweet weekend paddling the amazing Meanders towards the north end of the Payette Lake. You would start and finish at North Beach. You are looking at about a 3 to 4-mile trip either in your own canoe, a sit-on-top kayak, or an inflatable kayak. Any of these crafts are just fine for tackling the Meanders. You can also make use of rental boats if you wish.

Reason 8 – Lounge on the beach in Rogue. Just bring your own lawn chairs, something to sip on and find your own piece of paradise as you obtain some beach space to hang out on.

Reason 9 – Play away on the local golf courses that offer three different nine. You get Whitetail, Osprey Meadows, and the Meadow Creek.

Reason 10 – You are sure to come across some of your favorite bands who tend to play on Saturday nights near the Salmon River Brewery. Did we mention that you can enjoy great food on Colorado Street?

You may have been on numerous rafting trips in your time, ranging from day to multi-trips, and maybe a weekend trip with a group. No doubt, you know how much effort goes into pulling off a rafting trip. This is the reason why you would rather leave it up to expert rafting companies like Orange Torpedo Trips as your assurance that nothing goes wrong to spoil this special experience.