Your Grants Pass Hotel Pet and Dog-Friendly Guide

There is no need to leave your favorite pet at home any longer thanks to Grants Pass Hotels / Motels in Oregon, Best Inns, Suites & Lodgings¬†that offer pet and dog-friendly accommodation. Besides, don’t you and your four-legged friend go anywhere and everywhere? When you go on holiday, you are inclined to pack in some tennis balls and also your dog’s fav chewing toy.

Time to explore a new town along with your furry friend. Just maybe, you toyed with the idea of bringing your mutt to the next family reunion in which case you would love it if you could find a dog-friendly motel in Grants Pass to accommodate your needs.

At the Redwood Motel, they offer a broad range of lodging that also includes pet-specific amenities.

Many motels would go the extra mile by providing treats, an outdoor play area, and bedding.

Browse through their website at to discover what all the fuzz is all about.

Would you believe that some lodgings even provide doggie dining menus and dog-walking services?

As long as you remember that some of the pet-friendly motel chains have size and weight restrictions, and others may charge extra fees to accommodate canine guests.

It is best to discuss any needs with a specific hotel before you pitch with your furry crew.

Motels in the Grants Pass region, fully understand that folks are looking for cheap pet-friendly hotels, so if they do not run out of cash, which they can spend on cat treats, and frisbees instead.

You may want to get some travel inspiration from places like the Viewfinder blogs where you can browse by motel destinations, prices, and dates that are in line with what suits your pet best.

No need to call a pet sitter, round up your dog or cat and book your hotel today.

Where Pets Stay Comfortably

At the Redwood Motel, pets who are well-behaved are welcomed. They are allowed unless they pose a safety or health risk. Best to check with management before making your reservations as some places only allow 2 pets a room.

Animals that may pose a health risk are not allowed on site, which include those that do not have the manager’s approval. Should a pet become too disruptive or show aggression, then the more own would be obliged to make another plan.

Can you believe that we’ve reached September already in Grants Pass? During the latter part of this month to the early part of October, things are getting cooler, and some of the deciduous trees around here are turning into different colors to prepare of fall. The kids will be back to school once Labor Day is over.

If you are planning on traveling through the area anytime soon, then you may contemplate overnighting with your pet at the lovely Redwood Hyperion Suites where you get to enjoy some local activities and events.

You will be happy to know that Siskiyou National Forests and the Rogue River have collectively created 1.8 million acres of the most amazing sceneries, diverse ecosystems, miles of trails, and recreational activities. Best of all, your dog is allowed at no charge. Pets may not be left unattended at any time. Dogs need to be on a leash and owners need to clean up within the camping areas. However, in the forest vicinity, dogs can be off the leash for as long as they do not chase something and willingly obey voice commands when the need arises.

When visiting an Oregon dog park, you need to educate yourself on the rules and regulations that may apply. Most of the parks have vaccination requirements. In some of these, the dog owners need to purchase a permit for their furry friends. Even if you wish to keep your dog separate from other animals when traveling, you will discover there are hours when a dog is allowed to exercise or use the park on their own.

As you can see there is simply no excuse for traveling solo, Most hotels in Grants Pass are open to pets staying over and would welcome a visit from dog lovers.

What are you waiting for? If you are on the lookout for fun activities with your pooch, feel free to browse what Grants Pass has to offer in the form or wineries, restaurants, beaches, and a host of other attractions. Book online or call 888-535-8824 right now.